Saturday, July 5

I feel like kicking myself in the nuts

The moment of 'Ah.....', with a declining pitch

When I accidentally burnt my IPPT receipt

How dumb can a 22-years-old be

If he can enter university and get his Life Science Honours Degree


Note to self: Never ever ever ever ever iron another heat-sensitive paper if you want to keep it for remembrance.

Chin-Ups: 12
Sit-Ups: 41
Shuttle-Run: 9.6s
SBJ: 243cm
2.4Km Run: 10.00min

Total: 25 points, Silver


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Monday, May 19

I Want A Chimera

Taken from

"Arising from Greek mythology, the chimera's form is a combination of lion, goat and snake. The head and the main body are those of a lion, whilst the goat's head springs from the middle of the creatures back, and the snake forms the tail. In all tales, the chimera has the ability to breathe fire, an ability that proves to be her undoing when the Greek hero Bellerophon inserts a lump of lead into her throat, which then melts and destroys her insides.

The story of the chimera is a simple one, though its origins are not particularly clear. As one of the offspring of the giant Typhon and the half-woman, half-serpent being Echidna, the chimera laid waste to the land until she was finally slain by Bellerophon with the aid of Pegasus."

The chimera is basically an assortment of animal body parts. Although the website which I have taken the above chunk of text from says that a chimera has a goat head, I can only remember a goat hind-body instead. No goat head sticking out above a lion's ass.

The chimera that I am interested in is not this mythological beast, but a product of genetic engineering. The nearest thing I have to show for is this:

A combination of mouse and human (ear). Taken from

IT may be deem cruel by some people that an innocent mouse has been exploited in the name of Science OR pure sick that an 'unnatural' creature/abomination is forged by an 'unholy union' of Man and Mouse OR absolutely disgusting that what appears to be a piece of shit lying at the back and the mouse appearing constipated.

However, I must make it clear that this constipated-looking, bald, deemed-unholy-by-some, and-tortured-by-others mouse is NOT what I desire, even though I am not disgusted by the creation of such an abomination. In my opinion, this is one step closer in the genetic engineering field to my desired chimera.

What I want is this:

This is taken from the manga BioMeat-Nectar.

"The basic idea is that man is having a hard time finding food and getting rid of their trash, so science comes up with a bio-engineered animal that survives by eating trash, and is then killed to feed humanity. You can guess what may happen if a self-replicating, endlessly hungry killing machine got loose in Tokyo."

My original intention is to have a chimera that can eat the trash produced by humans, not a genetically engineered creature to run rampant and feed on humans. Not that my wish can come true any moment too soon, but I am really curious to know if such a creature can be spawned from the imagination of Mankind, what it would look like and what problems can it pose.

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Thursday, May 8

Isaac Berzin, The Man Who Earns Money From Algae

Two things that Earth is having an excess of right now: Carbon Dioxide and sunlight.

Two things that Earth is in need of right now: Oil and food crop.

This man here, Isaac Berzin, appears to have found the equation to bring them back to equilibrium.

Image taken from Time.Com

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